A Guide to the Best Beaches in Wales to Surf At

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Planning on visiting Wales and wondering what the best beaches for surfing are? From the llyn Peninsula in the north to the Gower Peninsula in the south, Wales is home to a huge variety of great surf spots. So whether you’re a veteran on the waves or a complete beginner, keep reading to discover the best beaches in Wales for surfing.

Porth Neigwl (Hell's Mouth)

Hell's Mouth is a popular surf spot for both beginner and experienced surfers. It's a reef break, which means that it breaks over rocks rather than sand. Surfers from northwest England and the midlands are frequently drawn to this spot for its forgiving nature and often mellow conditions (don’t let the name scare you). 

The strongest swells arrive in winter and spring, so if you're planning on learning how to surf at Hell's Mouth during those months, make sure your wetsuit is thick enough!


Newgale is an exposed beach in Pembrokeshire that offers reliable surf all year round. It’s very popular with beginners and is actually where a lot of people learn to surf – with its abundance of equipment hire and lessons on offer, and its forgiving waves at most tides.

The beach is a two-mile-long stretch of golden sand, and has won awards for its quality of surfing. In fact, It’s widely considered one of the most accessible beaches in Pembrokeshire. 

Rhossili Bay, Gower

Rhossili Bay is located on the Gower Peninsula, an area that has long been known for its surfing potential. The beach itself is a popular spot for beginners to learn how to surf, with a reef break just offshore that makes it perfect for learners. 

Experienced surfers looking for more challenging waves will have no trouble finding them either. Many experienced surfers even choose to paddle out from Rhossili Beach itself in search of bigger waves and more advanced rides.

Pembrey, Pembrokeshire

Pembrey Country Park is an award-winning location, and upon arriving it’s clear to see why. It features a golden sandy beach that stretches out around 6 miles long and offers some great surfing during the winter months. It is great for beginners as well as experienced surfers as there are plenty of places where you can hire surfboards if you don't have your own.


A charming seaside town that has been attracting surfers for decades, Aberystwyth boasts a number of different enticing surf spots. There are both sandy bays and reefs here – meaning there are options for both beginner and expert surfers. 

As Aberystwyth lies further north within Cardigan bay, it can suffer from inconsistent breaks – but that isn’t to say it’s a bad place to surf. When it’s firing, it’s firing. There’s a popular break, located right in the harbour known as the ‘trap’ – forming picture-perfect ‘A-frame’ shaped waves which are popular among the locals and visiting surfers alike. 

Wales has some great surf beaches and it's a fun way to spend time on the coast.

Whether you’re a veteran surfer, or simply looking for something to do when you next visit Wales, we hope this guide has been of use.

Even if you’ve never touched a surfboard before in your life, paying a visit to one of these beaches next time you visit Wales could be an incredibly rewarding experience. There’s no better place to fall in love with the majesty of surfing than the stunning beaches of Wales.

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