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Aberystwyth is a town in Mid-Wales. It's famous for its university and stunning location, set in the heart of mid-Wales and Cardigan Bay. This brief travel guide will give you an overview of the key aspects of Aberystwyth, and tell you everything you need to know about visiting Aberystwyth, whether it be for a day or for longer!


Aberystwyth is a beautiful seaside town in Wales, on the west coast of the country. It's set in the north of Cardigan Bay and sits at the mouth of the River Ystwyth. The town is mostly nestled between three large hills and two long beaches of Cardigan bay, with views out over to Ceredigion.

Aberystwyth is known as one of Wales' capitals of cultures due to its large number of theatres and museums, as well as being a popular tourist destination with its wide range of shops, restaurants and inns.


Aberystwyth is a historic town, with a rich history and reputation for being an academic hub. It’s also known as a popular tourist destination, thanks to its stunning location on the coast of Cardigan Bay. With all this culture, it’s no surprise that many people visit Aberystwyth each year – and if you do get a chance to go there yourself, here are some things you should know before setting out:


Aberystwyth has a strong artistic and academic culture. The town is home to the National Library of Wales, which contains one of the largest collections of Welsh-language books within of Wales; and it also has two art galleries: the Aberystwyth Arts Centre - which hosts exhibitions by local artists as well as works from around the world - and Ynysangharad Park Gallery.


There are plenty of activities for you to do in Aberystwyth. If you’re looking for a more active day out, why not head down to the beach? There’s nothing quite like walking on the sand and enjoying the sun.

If you enjoy going on adventures, then try walking up to the castle. It’s not very far from town so it won't be too much of a trek but it will give you some great views over Aberystwyth and Cardigan Bay. If it's raining when you walk up there then make sure that someone takes a photo of you at its highest point – it'll look like something straight out of Game Of Thrones!

Where to eat in Aberystwyth

If you're looking for a place to eat while in Aberystwyth, there are plenty of options. With everything from exotic Caribbean to authentic Welsh food, there’s an option for every palette. If you fancy an Italian, you should check out Little Italy. It’s one of the highest-rated restaurants in Aberystwyth and is known for its rustic charm, authentic feel, and quality food. If you’re feeling exotic and fancy a Caribbean, then you should pay a visit to Mama Fay’s. Here, they infused traditional Caribbean recipes with locally sourced ingredients to give you a dining experience you won’t soon forget.

You get the point, there’s a huge variety of restaurants in Aberystwyth, and most of them are certainly worth trying.

Whether you’ve already got your trip planned, or are looking for travel ideas, we hope this brief travel guide to Aberystwyth has been useful.

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