Eat Your Way Through Aberystwyth on a Budget: The Top 5 Places to Eat

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If you've ever been to Aberystwyth, you'll know that it's a pretty little town. It has abit of a surreal feel to it, almost like something out of an old fairy tale, owing to its setting in what feels like a mystical, hidden valley.

However, don’t let its quaint appearance fool you; Aberystwyth is home to some of the best restaurants in Wales. There’s a huge range of cuisines and restaurants onoffer, meaning there’s something for every appetite and palette. Read on as we reveal some of the best restaurants in Aberystwyth.

Best Italian – Little Italy

Little Italy is a small, independent restaurant with an incredibly relaxed atmosphere and rustic charm. They only use fresh ingredients and source everything locally wherever possible. Their menu features a delightful selection of pasta, seafood, and pizza – plus everything else you’d expect to find at an authentic Italian restaurant.

Make sure you reserve a table! – little Italy is one of Aberystwyth’s most popular restaurants, and you might struggle to get a table if you turn up without calling ahead.

Best Caribbean – Mama Fay’s

Mama Fay’s truly delivers a taste of the Caribbean to Aberystwyth. Mama Fay’s was named after the founder and head chef’s mother, after being inspired by her cooking. By combining locally sourced ingredients with traditional Caribbean spices, it boasts a cuisine unlike anything you’ve tried before.

They offer a lunch and evening menu, in addition to dessert and takeaway offers. Enjoy Caribbean classics such as jerk chicken and curried goat, or if you’re a vegetarian you could try the Jamaican potato and vegetable curry, or the Ital stew.

Beat Healthy Food – Dragonfly Bistro

When we’re on holiday we’re typically presented with countless opportunities for indulgence – be it cakes, burgers, pizza or pasta; however, sometimes we want to be able to enjoy a holiday, without suffering for it afterwards. That’s where the dragonfly bistro comes in.

They’re a vegan and vegetarian friendly bistro in Aberystwyth serving a range of delicious food, made from healthy and sustainably sourced ingredients – so you can enjoy tasty food without feeling guilty about it.

Best Asian – Saphan Thai

Saphan Thai brings a traditional Thai dining experience to Aberystwyth. With over 25 years of experience cooking street food, their chef is able provide an authentic taste of Thailand, using ingredients local to Aberystwyth. Their menu includes stir fries, curries, rice, and noodles – with a huge variety of vegetarian options.

Best Traditional British – Park Kitchen

Park Kitchen is our in-house bar and restaurant for Park Lodge Hotel. We offer freshly prepared, home-style cooking with ingredients sourced from local farms – including delicious local lamb and beef, as well as freshly caught cod, plaice, and scampi. Our prices are incredibly reasonable too, and if you’re staying at Park Lodge Hotel it presents an incredibly convenient dining option.

Aberystwyth is a remote seaside town, but don’t let this fool you. It’s home to a large number of incredible restaurants, cafes and bars. These are our picks, with something for whatever cuisine you’re in the mood for – meaning you’ll never go hungry next time you visit Aberystwyth!

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